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23rd October 2009

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I had a fucking awesome dream this morning.

PC Selby from Postman Pat was investigating the theft of a sign from the police station. As the minutes went on and the investigation went nowhere, he became increasingly bitter at the breakdown of law and order in our society, until in the end he was driven to suicide.

If I can spin this out to 50,000 words, I think I've got myself a NaNoWriMo entry. Add in some noiresque hard-boiled narration, while in the background other Postman Pat regulars act their usual cheery selves, and I'll surely bag a Booker.

In the dream this was the plot of a videogame written by Alan Moore, so I'll know who to dedicate the novel to.

29th June 2009

Epic troll is epic

This guy is my new hero.

I hope you find her, Adam!

12th June 2009

I just realised I haven't posted in a while, and as I've been in a very Star Trekky mood for the past few weeks I feel like spamming this post with videos. Huzzah?

And now the continuation...Collapse )

30th April 2009

They walk among us

It seems some guy in Cincinnati has been dressing up like a bunny hare and fighting crime. In his own words, "I'm not doing this for publicity. I'm doing this for justice -- a justice long since forgotten."

Seems he's part of a crime-fighting team calling themselves the Allegiance of Heroes - Aclyptico, Wall Creeper, Master Legend - and he's tracked down a rapist with, um, Mr Extreme. Or maybe it's spelt X-Treeeem, I dunno.

Check out the World Superhero Registry for more info on these guys. The philosophy page is good for a quick laugh, and you can read up on the, ah, heroes here.

Yes, they have paranormal agents. And no archenemies, but it was nice that they took the time to tell us that on each individual profile. Oh wait, I tell a lie, one guy (in the "Knight Errant" category - Jesus Christ) apparently fights Omar Al-Bashir and Osama Bin Laden. Yeah, I guess Captain Pretentious already took out Saddam Hussein.

According to Shadowbunny's profile he's "stopped many evil doers...such as drug dealers, muggers, rapists, and crazy hobos with pipes." Godspeed.

Also, Black Arrow is kinda hot.

She protects the "United Kingdoms" though, so I'll have trouble finding her until I can narrow down which one. Curses!

26th March 2009

Suddenly, I'm thinking this game may be the best thing ever.

I'm hoping Ringo Starr will provide the voice of Ganondorf.

New DS Zelda announced

You know, I always thought swords-and-sorcery style storytelling needed to get away from those boring sword-wielding adventurers and focus more on the noble train conductor.

Thanks, Nintendo.

13th March 2009

God damn, I think I registered this livejournal in, like, December or something. I guess I should justify it. Since I can't think of anything very journally, here's a story I wrote over a year ago.

Badly written fanfiction, ahoy!Collapse )
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